December 21, 2013

Hudson: Sixteen to Twenty Months

Time to play catch-up again. Hopefully I can remember every thing.

We've got a pretty talkative little man on our hands. He has a pretty good vocabulary. He  now says:

dada, mama, baby, nana, papa, bubbles, please, thank you, more, snacks, trash, bath, dressed, hi (to EVERYONE and their mom), bye-bye, dog, cat, shoes, pee-pee, poop, ball, lights, milk, bird

He also:
-Loves breakfast. It's his favorite meal of the day.
-Recently just went pee in potty for the first time. (12/19/13)
-Is a big helper around the house. He helps load the washer, always wants to throw things in the trash, gets a diaper for his diaper change, sweeps, etc.
-Loves nursery. There's been a couple times we've had to stay in with him because he didn't get a nap in before church, but for the most part he loves it.
-Is very social. He loves people and has the funniest personality. 
-Has all his teeth except for his 2 yr molars and one eye tooth.
-LOVES to dance.
-Still takes two naps during the day, and sleeps though the night.

Playing at the museum.

Keeping busy at church (before he was old enough for nursery.)

Halloween 2013. I made his entire costume (it was so much fun!)
...obviously the spoon doesn't belong, he wouldn't let it go.

Lovin' on his mama.

He LOVES using photobooth on my ipad.

And LOVES playing outside with his football.

Listening carefully to dad playing.

Snacking on some oranges.


Apparently, its so funny to lay like this.

And so funny to take bubble baths.

Handsome boys

Climbing on things...and getting stuck.

Soooo cute!



December 18, 2013

Do you Crowdtap?

You're probably sitting there thinking..."what is Crowdtap?" Well, sit tight, cause I'm about to tell you!

A few months ago my friend Katie (you can see her cute blog here,) got some really sweet PUMA workout clothes...for FREE. I obviously was curious as to how she did this, so I asked her. She told me she was a part of this group called Crowdtap, basically it was a website that asked for your opinion on products. Hmm... sounded interesting to me. So I checked it out & joined.

It took me a little bit to figure out how the website worked, but once I got the hang of things I started to select brands I was interested in (which wasn't hard because they have a million different brands that participate on their site) and answered simple questions with my honest opinion. Before I knew it, I got an email that said I was selected to host a Hidden Valley Ranchers Party.

Me? A host a party? A ranch party?
(I love parties, I love ranch...this was perfect)
I was in.

Crowdtap & Hidden Valley sent me a kit that was filled with all sorts of goodies!
 A t-shirt, full size bottle of ranch, some dressing mixes, samples for all my guests, and a flyer with recipes and coupons! Who doesn't love coupons??

I hosted the party last night (12/17/13) and in my opinion, it was a huge success! I had a few of my friends over for some food, fun and girl talk. I asked everyone to bring copies of their favorite ranch inspired recipe, so everyone left with a few new recipes to try out for their families. I also invited them to make the recipe if they wanted to be entered into a drawing for a prize. 

Carrie (she blogs over here) was the winner of the prize which included:
A bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix, Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix, Hidden Valley Salad Crispins, and a Hidden Valley recipe/spoon holder.

Thank you to Crowdtap and Hidden Valley for giving me this opportunity!
It was such a fun excuse to get together with my friends and have a girls night!!