July 21, 2016

Two and a half years later...

Oh hey there! I'm back. A lot has happened since I last blogged. Let me catch you up. 

This is Canon Mitchell (our blog hasn't met him yet.)
He was born on April 10, 2014, weighing a solid 10lbs even. He's wild, mischievous, adorable, 
and so fun to be around. He has the most tender heart and is always sharing with his brother. 
He loves to scratch, bite, and play with any type of ball. He is very outgoing and will say hi
and make friends with anyone and everyone. He has been the perfect addition to our family, 
we love our squish. 

This is Hudson, remember him? I'm sure he looks a little different now. Last time we talked 
about him he was only one and a half years old. He's four now, and the smartest
little guy you'll ever meet. He is becoming more and more independent, but still really
needs his mom and dad at times. He starts preschool in September and is very excited 
to learn and make new friends. He loves having a little brother to play with, 
and is really good at bossing him around. 

I'm still Alyssa and he is still Chris. We don't hold hands as much, or go on as many 
creative and fun dates as we used to, but we are still together and we are still in love. 
Our lives really have changed big time since the last time you heard about us too. 
We had a baby (Canon), bought a house in Arizona (yay), got a dog (Zona), 
decided it was time for a career change (back to school...again), sold our second car (Tory),
packed up our stuff  (rented out our house in AZ), gave Zona away (sad), 
moved to good ol' Las Vegas, Nevada (UNLV), bought Chris a motorcycle (Honda Grom),
 and found out I was pregnant again (third baby = girl!) See, told you a lot has changed.

Let's talk a little more about my handsome hubby for a second (I know, I got so lucky, right?) 
He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelors in Business and Finance four years ago. 
You guys already know this, (I think??) but after he graduated he accepted a job offer
for Wells Fargo in Arizona. So we packed up our little apartment and little family
of three, and moved. He worked for Wells Fargo for three and a half years, before deciding
he didn't want to be stuck anymore. He wanted more for our family, and wanted to do 
something in the medical field. He is attending UNLV right now, for some pre-reqs and then
will soon (hopefully) decide which direction he wants to head in. 

This is me 21 weeks pregnant with our third baby, a girl this time. This is an old picture though, 
I am 29 weeks along now. We are so excited for our little girl to come and can't wait to snuggle
her. The boys are ecstatic, and are constantly talking, hugging, and asking to feel her. 
I am still so amazed every time I feel her kick and move in my stomach. I feel so 
grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me carry and raise three of his beautiful children.  

Alright, I think you're caught up. No promises, but I am going to try and be better about this
whole blogging thing. I have missed it lately, and I want my kids to have something to look
back on when they're older. 

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